Some Kitchen Inspiration

Anyone else feeling uninspired in the kitchen? 

Rediscover the joy of home-cooking and stay inspired to eat in with these food-prep favourites from brands like Eva SoloW&P and Monbento.

→ Fill In Book Todays Specials
The Printworks Fill-in Book transforms your favourite recipes into fancy menu!


→ Green Tool Microwave Rice Steamer
No more burned rice! Eva Solo makes it quick and easy to cook rice, quinoa and cereals.



→ Popcorn Popper Charcoal
Get movie-night ready with popcorn made just to your taste, kernels popped mess-free!


→ MB Sense Canyon
Cook, keep, reheat and clean all in one with the MB Sense microwavable steel lunchbox.



→ MB Silifriends Pink
Make mealtimes fun for fussy eaters, with these cake moulds shaped like animal friends.

→ Cookie Stamp Customisable
Customise a cookie for your loved ones with the cookie stamp from Suck UK.


→ Grating Bucket
The classic Eva Solo Grating Bucket keeps your counters free of grating messes.


→ Nesting Carafe & Mixing Spoon

Mix up your favourite brews in this stunning crystal glass carafe from Aarke.

→ Oil & Vinegar Carafe
Keep your favourite creative dressings close at hand with Eva Solo's classic drip-free carafe.


→ Cup Cubes Freezer Tray Four Charcoal
The ultimate meal-prep hack - bake, freeze and enjoy everything from desserts to soup!



→ Stretch Wrap (set of 3)
Can't seem to break up with cling wrap? Try Stretch Wraps - stretchy, grippy and reusable!


→ Reusable Silicone Bag 300ml Blush
A great reusable alternative, these Silicone Bags keep ingredients fresh and dry.



→ Green Tool Spinning Colander

Spin and serve your greens, berries, pasta and more in this gorgeous colander from Eva Solo.

 → Stretch Lid (set of 6)

Save your leftovers and extra ingredients with this set of 6 reusable airtight lids from W&P.


→ MoMA Wire Mesh Bowl Red

Allow your produce to breathe with this striking double-walled mesh bowl.


→ Reusable Silicone Bag Stand Up 1L Mint

From flour and oats to apple slices, the Stand-up Bag makes pantry organisation a breeze.



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