Find the Art in Play with Games from MoMA Design Store

From chessboards to puzzles, feast your eyes on this vibrant selection of games from MoMA Design Store.

Chosen by some of the world's top curators, these pieces always land on the winning side with bold colours, shapes and patterns to liven up your spaces!

MoMA Colourplay Backgammon Set

One of the oldest and most-loved board games has a fresh, new look, distinguished by an uplifting colourful design inside and out.


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MoMA Chess & Checkers Set

Enjoy two games in one board with a convertible design - choose your game, chess or checkers, and flip the board for a visual refresh!

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MoMA Geo Pattern Dominoes

Create your own mosaic with geometric compositions inspired by Cubist art and high-contrast colour pairings influenced by Abstract Modernism.

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MoMA 5-Piece Wood Puzzle

Deceptively tricky, appreciate how all each component interlocks without nails, screws or adhesive.

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