Monbento x Opinel Lunch Kit

French brands Monbento and Opinel have teamed up to deliver a unique on-the-go lunch kit.

A knife brand with over 100 years of heritage, Opinel brings their expertise and quality design to the modern lunch experience.

This collaboration with Monbento celebrates the meeting of brands and the mountainous regions they hail from.

With a refined design and supreme quality, this lunch kit is the perfect gift for the outdoor adventurers and urbanites alike!

Discover the Lunch Kit

The MB Original lunch box from Monbento needs no introduction. Lightweight and sturdy, the two compartments can hold up to 1L of food to carry you through any adventure!

The Opinel Picnic+ set includes their iconic N°08 knife with a beautifully decorated hornbeam wood handle, plus fork and spoon inserts all encased in a microfibre napkin case.

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