Summer Restock of Dock & Bay Bliss!

Whether it's been a seaside scorcher or a weirdly wet week, our Dock & Bay restock has made perfect timing for a dry-down!

With so many vibrant styles to choose from, their towels are an easy choice for everything left to do this summer - beach days, swimming lessons, travel and camping, workouts or just lounging about!

If it's been a while, read on for what makes the Dock & Bay Beach Towels THE Ultimate Towel →

These super-absorbent towels dry 3x faster than cotton, and won't leave damp smells in your bag either!

🏝️ Cabana Collection →

Goa Grey →


Cancun Green →


Cayman Olive →


Boracay Yellow →


No more bulky bags, these towels are super compact and lightweight, folding into a matching pouch - perfect for a family day out!


The unique loopless towel fabric is designed so sand won't stick, and handily blocks the wind too! 

Dock & Bay is B-Corp certified, with their towels made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!

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